Governance, Risk, & Compliance Solution

Continuum™ is an online collaboration suite providing Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance functionality in one integrated package backed up by our proven Enterprise-Secure ™ methodology and unparalleled knowledge and perpetual support model.  Continuum is about solving problems, achieving results, and measuring success.

Policy Lifecycle Management - Develop, Review, and Deploy Corporate and Business Level Policies using Continuum’s intuitive tools and Enterprise-Secure ™ methodology.  Leverage standards-based and community sourced content to create business centric and actionable policies, standards, procedures, guidelines and supporting communications deliverables.  Utilize the ContinuumStep ™ review process to ensure your multiple levels of stakeholders can view content online and approve at the right time with everything they need to make a rapid and well informed decision.  Deploy instantly to the web or other common formats for rapid delivery.

Risk Management – Capture corporate, business level, and project-based Risks and Issues using Continuum’s intuitive Risk Management Suite focused on rapid capture, online collaboration, and using the Enterprise-Secure ™ methodology to ensure mitigation plans are actionable, current, and reducing the organization’s risk exposure according to plan.

Compliance – Assess your compliance with regulations and controls from industry recognized standards such as NIST, PCI, ISO, or other Continuum available frameworks.  Collaborate online with stakeholder areas to ensure compliance review and required remediation plans are developed and managed according to plan.  Generate real-time reports depicting overall compliance status and progress in each assigned area.  Generate reports and with supporting documentation in a variety of formats including SAS70/SSAE16, Continuum-ECFormat ™ Entity Control Format, and other widely accepted formats.

SecureHealth Methodology™ – Manage compliance objectives in Continuum following the SecureHealth Methodology with expanded support for Federal Regulatory Requirements including the 2010 Patient Affordable Care Act.

Continuum provides a wealth of additional Information Security and Regulatory Compliance features that are customizable to meet the needs of your organization.  These proudly include:

  • Real-time updates from the US Federal Government’s NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and Cyber-Alert systems.
  • Information Security Governance Requests
  • Waiver (Variance) Management
  • Vendor & Application Risk Assessment Questionaires
  • Incident Management & Interfaces with Industry Partners
  • Training & Awareness Multi-Media, Compliance Tracking, and Delivery
  • Information Technology Requirements
  • General Task Management
  • Self-Service Security Management
  • System-wide Auditing
  • Flexible Reporting and Data Syndication & Export Services
  • Asset Risk Correlation