SolutionLab provides both Enterprise Risk and Consulting services utilizing a risk-based approach in a specific and actionable manner with emphasis on cost containment, performance measurement, competitive advantage, and ROI for such services. This is achieved through our methodology which is reliant on a proven set of sequenced and interconnected service modules. Each service represents a self-contained unit that includes a set of required inputs, pre-planned steps and rules, and a range of outcomes. The deliverables produced from one service serve as prerequisites to another service in most cases. This ensures a structured delivery model that yields an incredible amount of value for our customers at the cost and schedule determined at the inception of the engagement.

Security services must be specific and actionable. Our customers are definitely not in the security business but want us to get them on the right course. We recognize that every organization is unique - but there objectives are quite similar. Whether its achieving compliance, demonstrating internal controls for auditors or potential business partners, - it's about reducing risk and doing the necessary things to ensure we can keep doing them while not over spending. Essentially we help our customers maximize the performance of their information assets in a balanced manner.

It all starts with Foundational Services. The SolutionLab team needs to understand the business environment you are operating in, what is required from a regulatory perspective, and what are the trends in your market place. This allows us to construct the framework and plan for subsequent services. This is essentially the process of Discovery.

  • Foundational Services - The three essential phases of Discovery, Preparation, and Initiation are required to identify engagement objectives, applicable security controls framework, and achieve stakeholder agreement on approach, plan, and resource commitments. As the basis for all other services, this service includes an in-depth analysis of the customer organization, operating environment, objectives, challenges, applicable laws & regulations, industry trends, and evolving risk landscape.

  • Assessment & Risk Management Services - Facilitated sessions are held with stakeholder areas to complete a comprehensive Gap Analysis against the Security Controls Framework. The results are compiled into an Assessment Report including Risk Mitigation recommendations, Information Security Roadmap, and companion investment strategy.

  • Implementation Services - Lifecycle & Development focused and aligned with initiatives employing SDLC and Agile methodologies.

  • Governance Services - Supporting an operationally focused organization to enhance or support the Governance & Oversight function.

  • Advisory Services - Executive partnering, mentorship, and strategy services geared towards senior leaders tasked with enhancing, building, or right-sizing the Information Security Organization structure, program maturity, focus, budget, and staffing allocation. Requires Roadmap and Performance-based Services.

  • Performance Measurement Services - Focused on providing executive-style Dashboards, Scorecards, and multi-level reporting capabilities representing the quantitative aspects of Information Security delivery spanning Operations, Incidents, Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

  • Training, Awareness, & Communications Services - Adaptive service delivered as tactical or strategic and largely determined by the customer. Tactical delivery includes a limited number of onsite or remote themed sessions with joint content development and delivery. Strategic engagement involves delivery of a comprehensive communications strategy and media tailored towards the core themes, business environment, and organizational culture. Strategic will recommend the use of Foundational Services.